LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a useful tool that combines LinkedIn’s network data, relevant news sources, and your accounts, leads, and preferences to help you identify key contacts and reach out with customized recommendations and insights.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Focus on the right people and companies with Premium Search and Lead Recommendations
  • Stay informed on key updates at your target accounts through notifications about news mentions, job changes and LinkedIn posts
  • Build trust with your prospects and customers by leveraging warm introductions

While the platform has loads of functionality that helps map out leads when targeting larger organizations, it’s also a handy tool for finding small scale businesses which match certain criteria.

In my case, I have a saved search with my lead targeting criteria set, but the issue I face is this – if I save a lead on the platform, it’s not removed from the search queue in later searches. This means that as you save more and more leads, you have to move further down the search pages to find new leads.

On top of that, having saved leads side by side with unsaved leads is a distraction, as seen below. This requires a lot of “page scanning” to see whether or not the potential lead fits what you’re looking for, and if it’s already been saved… and while checking for a “Saved” icon isn’t difficult, it can be tedious while navigating through 10-20 pages that lists 10 potential leads each.


Userscripts (a.k.a User Scripts, User scripts, or .user.js ) are open-source licensed add-ons for web browsers that change web pages as they are loaded. They give users the power to make websites do what they want them to, rather than what was originally intended.

Using functionality, I created a script which searches each potential lead for a “Saved” icon. If one is found, it hides the lead from view.

Installation Details

To install a userscript, you most likely will have to install a userscript manager extension:

From there, simply copy and paste my code as a new userscript.

Known Bugs

  1. A page refresh is needed before hiding “Saved Leads” upon moving to a new Lead Builder search page.
  2. The script will hide the first page of leads under the “Leads” saved leads tab.

Source Code

// ==UserScript==
// @name Sales Navigator - Hide Saved Leads
// @author MikeFez
// @version 1.0
// @namespace
// @description Hide saved leads on LinkedIn
// @include*
// @include*
// @include*
// @include*
// @exclude *sn_nav2__main_nav_accounts
// ==/UserScript==

 if($(this).find('span.saved-lead-badge').length == 0){
 //Do nothing if "Saved" badge is not found.
 } else {

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