Many of the personal projects viewable below are now outdated, but feel free to browse them anyways. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact me to discuss.

In Progress

While I’m always working on something, it seems I’m too lazy to write up a worklog at the moment 🙂


On Hold/Abandoned

  • AutoIt Script - Webcam Movement Tracker (AKA Motion Pong)

    Proof of concept that would allow the user to play pong using their webcam.

    Latest Build – Original Forum Post/Worklog

    This proof of concept has been long abandoned, but the original plan was to allow two people to play pong via their webcam by selecting two objects and track them based on their color. The program would then designate the selected colors as paddles, causing the ball to bounce when touching them. Currently, it allows two players to select colors and tracks them on screen, however no gameplay has been intergrated.